Tuk Meric – Corporate Gift Pack (40 pouches) – buys 109 meals


This is a simple but unique gift. Simply add lime to the ingredients. Tuk Meric goes with just about any dish. Meat, fish and veg. Use it as a dipping sauce or for a desert put some on chilled papaya! Add to mashed blueberry and mango salsa for any fish dish or with applesauce for roast pork. Enjoy!


We designed this product for the corporate gift market as well as for foodies that want to share an exquisite taste experience. We have food lovers that buy our ‘Just Add Lime’ pouches and gift them at dinner parties in place of bringing wine and they keep coming back for more. A gift pack not only provides a unique food experience but helps small pepper farmers rebuild after the devastation of the Cambodian Genocide and provides 218 meals through the Share the Meal program from Nobel Peace Prize (2020) Laureate – the World Food Programme.