Tuk Meric – Cambodian Lime & Pepper Sauce (Pkg of 3) – buys 8 meals


Tuk Meric – Just Add Lime to the ingredients and discover the exquisite taste experience that the late Anthony Bourdain raved about. Ingredients: Kampot Pepper, Kampot Sea Salt and Sugar. OMG delicious! Join the millions  of people that enjoy this amazing sauce each and every day in Cambodia and other South East Asian countries.


Add some spice to your corporate gifting. It is great to have some unique gifts on hand. All you have to do is add lime and you have one of the most delicious and versatile dipping sauces that is ubiquitous in Cambodia. This delightful dipping sauce is a must for your lunch room and for your luncheons and catered events.

We can do custom/white labeling on request.