A Social Purpose Brand

Kampot Pepper is known as the best pepper in the world. It hold the prestigious Protected Geographical Indication certification putting it on the same footing as other appellations of origin like Champagne, Cognac, Darjeeling Tea.

Working with a collective of over 400 small pepper farmers we are building a community-based, Fair Trade distribution market system to help these farmers rebuild their ancient farming system that was virtually destroyed during the Cambodian Genocide. Our vision is to scale this to connect smallholder organic spice farmers from around the globe directly to the end consumer ( B2B and B2C).

Joseph MacLean while working on a number of social enterprise projects in Cambodia came across the ‘Best Pepper Ever’ and decided to help create a social purpose brand under that name. “The idea is really quite simple, the community partner becomes the retailer and receives the retail portion (35%) of all sales. In that the famine in africa is unprecedented that amount has been increased to 50%. So purchasing the ‘Best Pepper Ever’ one is not only helping sustainable agricultural practices in Cambodia but helping during the famine.

Pepper Delivery in Phnom Voar