Ways to help.

We invite you to join our grassroots approach to social change. Social Purchasing redirects money that is already being spent to help build community.

The Gift that Gives Back

Here are some ways that you can help

  1. Buy the ‘Best Pepper Ever’
  2. Share the story and the site with friends, family and colleagues.
  3. Contact us and get a ‘Support Widget’ to put on your website or on your social media posts.
  4. Contact your human resources department and ask to share this campaign in the company’s or organization’s internal and public facing communications.
  5. Try Kampot Pepper and send us a review on the pepper and please share your recipes.
  6. Six degrees of separation – we are looking for celebrity endorsements – wouldn’t it be fun to test out this six degrees of separation idea? Do you know any celebrities that could endorse this project?
  7. Ask your favourite restaurant to start buying Kampot Pepper and share the link to the site.
  8. If you are a ‘foodie’ – please try Kampot Pepper and if you come to love it as we do then please help spread the word.
  9. Do you have any ideas that could help us ‘spread the word’?
  10. Book a ‘Virtual Lunch & Learn’ presentation. If we can’t come to your office we can do a ‘virtual presentation’ via Zoom, Google Meet, Teams etc.

Thank You.